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Motion Tracking

The Motion Tracker tool lets you track movement in your video and have objects like elements, videos, images, and text follow that movement.

Motion tracking generally requires specific hardware and software to capture and process the related data.

Motion tracking can be used in animation. The feature allows you to break down a moving person or object into separate, identifiable parts.

It helps to create a stored motion template. You can transfer that motion template to an animation. You can keep the elements you want and replace others with the desired images.

Most people only need text to add details or even a touch of humor to their videos.

Apply Motion Tracking to a Video Clip

❶ Apply Motion Tracking

Double click on a clip in your timeline to open the editing menu, check the box next to Motion Tracking.

Move the tracker box over the moving object in the video you want to track and click Start Tracking to render the effect.

  • The subject you want to track must be in the frame for the entire clip.

  • Trim the clip down and shorten it if not in the frame.

  • Use motion tracking to identify interruptions in their appearance in every clip.

❷ Add the Object That Will Follow the Track and Adjust

Drag and drop texts, images, elements, or video clips to the track above the video, and adjust the position, size, and orientation if necessary.

Add the Object That Will Follow the Track and Adjust
Add the Object That Will Follow the Track and Adjust

❸ Add an Object to Follow the Motion Tracking Movement

Double click the motion tracking video clip in the timeline. Click the dropdown menu under Motion Tracking and choose an object to follow the tracked movement.

Add an Object to Follow the Motion Tracking Movement
Add an Object to Follow the Motion Tracking Movement

❹ Playback and Check the Tracking Result

Fine-tune the size and position of the object following the track in the Preview. You can also switch the follower at any time.

Turn Off Motion Tracking

Uncheck the box next to the Motion Tracking in the Video editing menu (double click on your clip and go to the Video tab to access this menu).

Creative Ways to Utilize the Tool

❶ Censor objects in a Video with Motion-Tracked Elements

Whether it be a privacy, security, or copyright concern, every editor will eventually have to come across censoring. Filmora allows you to add custom elements to the object.

❷ Enhance Real Estate Videos

You can modernize that pitch by doing the followings:

  • Attach tags, prices, and key facts to properties.

  • Highlight key property features by attaching motion-tracked markers.

  • Use virtual arrows & directions to guide viewers through the property.

  • Blur face, information, or ongoing construction work.

❸ Level Up Your Videos with Motion-Tracked Text

You can do the following to improve:

  • Make dynamic text and logo using motion-tracked callouts and elements.

  • Keep voiceovers concise and use motion-tracked captions to convey key pieces of information.

  • Visualize character thoughts, speech, attributes, etc.

  • Attach the names & titles of characters and objects for convenience

If you don't see this startup window, please upgrade to the latest version, and then go to File > Preferences > General tab to enable this startup window. It will show when Filmora launches next time.